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SikaCim No Crack Concrete Reinforcing Fibres 100g

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Use 1 bag of SikaCim® No Crack Concrete (bag of fibres with enclosed bag of admixture powder) per 25kg of cement. A suitable concrete mix relevant to the application must be used, e.g. for a shed base use 25kg cement, 50kg sand and 100kg of gravel plus water. Step 1 – Add the aggregate and sand. Step 2 – Add cement and thoroughly mix. Step 3 – Evenly mix the whole bag of SikaCim® No Crack Concrete powder into the concrete mix. Step 4 – Add the SikaCim® No Crack Concrete fibres and blend evenly into the concrete mix. Step 5 – Add water and mix thoroughly. Concrete mix is now ready to use. For details, limitations etc. refer to product label, data sheet or contact Sika Limited.

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