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Stadium BM720 Rectangular Black Hole Vent

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MPC: BM720
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Stadium's Anti-Draught Black Hole Ventilator BM720 is the original black hole ventilator from Stadium and comprises of a double rustic red louvred airbrick, cavity liner with cavity drip and anti-draught baffles extension piece and white inner grille. This is a high quality product that is easy to install.


  • Stops wind blasting in - The air flow within the duct is slowed down by the change of direction and by the vortices formed, reducing draughts to a minimum.
  • Stops light showing through - The occupier cannot see through the ventilator and is less likely to be worried that insects and vermin may enter the house through it.
  • Stops light shining out - Night flying insects like moths, craneflies, and mosquitoes are not attracted in.
  • Absorbs outside noise - Reduces the penetration of traffic noise. The internal construction works as a sound baffle.
  • Safety - With draught and light annoyance problems eliminated, the occupier will not be tempted to block off the vent.

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